Taboga Eco Boutique Hotel


is a 20 bedroom, eco-conscious

and independently owned beach hotel, located on the tranquil shores of Costa Esmeralda, Veracruz, Mexico.
Designed by a well-traveled couple from England and Mexico; Taboga has been inspired by some truly beautiful places. Here you will find the perfect combination of natural beauty and balanced energy to ensure your stay will be remembered as unforgettable. Expect to see open spaces, lots of green, flowers and direct beach access to a clean beach.

Wake up with the spectacular sunrise and watch the dolphins swim by. Take a walk on the quiet beach. Enjoy a scrumptious Mexican breakfast cooked by local chef, Doña Vero and her team.

Take a dip in the pool and enjoy a strawberry daiquiri. Explore the mangroves in our Stand Up Paddle tour or visit the world famous archaeological site “El Tajin”. Come back and take a therapeutic massage before enjoying a leaf wrapped filet of fresh fish in a green salsa from our international fusion menu.

Or just do nothing but relax... We have designed our hotel and its vibe to make you feel that you are at home on the beach where every day pressures, vanish. You’ll be attended by people who like their jobs and love making sure our guests have a wonderful time with us. Some of the staff speak both English and Spanish.